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TeleTherapy is a form of TeleHealth that is specific to psychological therapies – where you and your Psychologist work together, remotely, to promote your well-being and progress toward your treatment goals. TeleTherapy is a psychological service that is provided using long-distance technologies – so you and your Psychologist do not have to be in the same place at the same time during treatment. Virtual Visits comply with HIPAA and HITRUST requirements, providing secure channels for handling protected health information. All communication is securely encrypted with virtual private networks (VPN), HIPAA compliant platforms and secure technology to help protect confidentiality and privacy.

What are the Benefits of TeleTherapy?

Research has indicated that TeleTherapy is as good as in-person therapy and is therefore a viable alternative if an in-person session is not practicable.

Too many people miss out on their chance at wellness because of common barriers to treatment, such as not having enough time; mobility issues; physical limitations; social discomfort and avoidant anxiety.

Teletherapy gives you the chance to work around those barriers and get the help you deserve. You virtually meet your Psychologist safely in the comfort of your home or office – without having to deal with traffic, at a time that fits conveniently within your schedule.

TeleTherapy can help address issues such as:

Anxiety • Stress Management • Depression • Low Motivation • Low Self Worth
Relationship Problems • Feeling Overwhelmed or Lost • Isolation, Detachment or Loneliness
Anger and Irritability • Work Burnout • Difficulty with Sleep • Trauma … and more!

Good News!
TeleTherapy is now covered by most major health insurances, including Medicare.
Dr. Cristiano is a participating provider with most major insurances, including Medicare. Please contact your insurance carrier to verify your specific TeleHealth benefits and eligibility.

As you and Dr. Cristiano work together, you can:

• Make progress toward your psychological goals
• Build a sense of confidence and self-worth
• Brainstorm and problem-solve
• Learn essential skills for coping with stress and anxiety
• Discover new insights about yourself and others
• Develop comfort with personal conversation and connection
• Live more authentically and always being true to yourself

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