LGBTQ is about speaking freely and openly about what matters to you most. It’s about creating a strong support system for self-acceptance, empowerment and growth. Dr. Cristiano provides a safe and confidential environment to explore personal issues candidly without fear of encountering judgment, ignorance or prejudice. Dr. Cristiano will work collaboratively with you each step of the way to identify issues, set goals and earnestly attain them. Why not grab everything life has to offer? The best time is NOW!

What is LGBTQ Counseling and Therapy?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) individuals seek counseling for help with many of the same clinical and life issues as heterosexuals. Depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship counseling, work stress, substance abuse are issues common to us all. Many issues may appear to have little to do with sexual or gender orientation while other issues may be intimately connected to an LGBTQ identity.
Regardless if you seek therapy for issues related to your LGBTQ status or not, it is imperative you feel supported and able to speak freely in order to benefit from the therapeutic experience. This is especially true for those confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and an LGBTQ orientation.

LGBTQ Mental Health Issues and Coping with Stigma

Research suggests that LGBTQ individuals are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and addiction or substance abuse. Due to the stigma and discrimination that LGBTQ individuals encounter on a regular basis, from society, family members, peers, co-workers, even classmates – there is a unique risk for addiction and mood disorders.
Stigma, in any form, is a serious impediment to the well-being of those who experience it. Given the stressors that LGBTQ groups must confront, such as homophobia, societal discrimination and prejudice, coming out, and negotiating family relationships, finding a Psychologist who specializes in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning issues can offer some much needed support, insight and healing.
Dr. Cristiano is not only all accepting and LGBTQ-affirmative, he has decades of experience treating men and women with LGBTQ issues. Dr. Cristiano understands the unique needs of those who are LGBTQ (i.e., individuals, couples or families); and appreciates the breadth and depth of complexities inherent within sexual identity/orientation. Dr. Cristiano looks forward to working with you. Call to schedule your initial consultation.

The best time is Now!


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