Anger Management

Anger is one of the most damaging and fruitless human emotions. Everyone must learn how to cope with, how to live with it, and how to control it. Hostile people – those with high levels of cynicism, anger, and aggression – are at higher risk of developing life-threatening illness than less hostile people. Hostile people are more prone to engage in risky behaviors – eating more, drinking more alcohol, smoking, doing drugs – that could compromise their physical health. Hostile people often forfeit their control over hostile thoughts, feelings and urges. Hostile people have difficulty trusting others – forgiving others – or having empathy for others. Hostile people often take themselves too seriously and have difficulty laughing at their own silliness. Most of the time, the one who is most hurt by a hostile person is the hostile person himself/herself. The good news is that an angry or hostile lifestyle can be overcome. With psychological attention and skilled guidance, you can be free from the anger that has controlled you. Psychological attention that is targeted and solution-focused can provide you with relief from the pain and frustration associated with uncontrolled anger. Dr. Cristiano is well trained and experienced in treating all of the emotional, cognitive and behavioral aspects of anger. He can help you find your answers, guide you toward your goals and assist you in regaining control of your life. But you must reach out to us first, so that we can start to help you help yourself. We encourage you to schedule your one-on-one consultation now. The longer you wait, the longer you will delay feeling better. Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do you make swift and harsh judgments of others?
  • Do you sometimes use verbally abusive language?
  • Do you sometimes frighten or intimidate other people?
  • Do you withdraw from others due to your anger?
  • Do you often complain about authority figures?
  • Do you have passive-aggressive patterns of behavior?
  • Do you sometimes threaten to harm people?
  • Do you sometimes get into fights?
  • Have you been known to have hostile overreactions to irritants?
  • Have you ever received disciplinary action due to hostile interactions at work or school?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you may have an anger issue that requires professional attention. We encourage you to contact Dr. Cristiano for further assistance. He can help.

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